Jean Paul Gaultier

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Autumn-Winter 2011/12 – Opening with a big burly man in a sharp black tuxedo carrying a silenced pistol it was clear that James bond was the inspiration for this collection, combining all 3 aspects of the hit movies: sexy, manly and villainous (bond girl, James bond and villain). The classic bond look was reinforced by spectacular tuxedos with long white silk scarves, wetsuits with a tux underneath, gold quilted “ski pants”.  He included black PVC quilted leather jackets and used wetsuit rubber for oversized trenches. He then moved away with more risqué skirts paired with waistcoats with space sleeves and tasseled scarves, small hot pants worn with fishnet tights and a knife strapped to the leg and the androgynous male model Andrej Pejic, who, at the end of the show walked down the catwalk in a gold bikini covered with a long fur waistcoat and heels. A very sexy bond “girl” indeed. There were nods towards the bond villain with shiny black suits, long effeminate hair with a black maxi skirt suit, wrap around trousers and shell like cropped waistcoats. The head to toe matt sequined tracksuits and gold rubber jacket with black faux fur collar could have been a combination of all aspects.

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