Dolce & Gabbana

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Autumn-Winter 2010/11 – The theme for this collection is based around the film Baaria, a film about a young Sicilian and his life throughout the war and beyond.  The collection captures this theme perfectly, showing a rural man with simple tastes, long john style trousers in greys and browns and loose knit jumpers that look almost thread bare. Heavy coats for a harsh winter, flat caps and waist coats are the image of colonial Sicily and there is a military, war like style to it as well. They show loose trousers tucked into boots, vest tops just missing the dog tags, and suits that would be adorned by higher ranking soldiers, with velvet collars and skinny ties. They kept it to earthy colours in keeping with the feel of the film, showing jackets in brown velvet and brushed denims, grey tweeds and crisp white shirts.  This collection encumbered Italian fashion and style, showing that even a poor mans style is a style to be celebrated.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

Jemma De Blanche is a fashion and lifestyle journalist with a background in marketing and copy-writing, is in awe of all things creative and loves getting lost in a good book, a beautiful picture or the creativity of new collection. Jemma handles the Fashion in Film pages and the Men's catwalk reviews.

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