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Louis Vuitton Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – A paragon of all things illustrious, Louis Vuitton’s AW17 collection emanated a lofty appearance with a surprising wearability.

A lighter silhouette to what Vuitton usually puts out, the show began with a pale sunglow dress in a silky material that floated down the runway with ease; contrasted against a straight leather coat and dangling jeweled necklace. This glossy introduction continued via a sky-blue dress, cut in such a way that the diagonal stitching and tiered hem complemented the scoop neckline to produce an effortless resilience.

This simplicity soon gave way to a variety of textures each with their own individual flair; slightly sponged jeans, tribal-esque furs and pleated leather trousers all contributed to grand yet ready-to-wear looks. A 70s vibe was omitted by a collage of fur in browns and blacks, while lace brocades lavished a deluxe feel.

A collection that showcased a diverse range of patterns, prints and structures still managed to maintain the esteemed Louis Vuitton charm, with delicate touches furnishing an exalted splendor to a myriad of commonplace constructions.

Louis Vuitton Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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