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Louis Vuitton Man Autumn-Winter 2015-16 – Louis Vuitton’s stunning line oozes class and sophistication with a regimented lookook of style.

The most eye-catching feature of the line-up is the stunning blazer; the strong accent of the beige with black detailing acts as a centerpiece for the rest of the look. The detailing depicts the fine detail of thread in fabric.

Crisp, white, high-collared shirts act as a foundation to build the rest of the outfit on.

Tailored trousers, rolled up at the ankle suits the modern man, whilst being teamed with smart brogues combines the two.

A Louis Vuitton runway show would not be complete without the outfits being accessorized with the infamous Louis Vuitton bag.

A selection for men has been introduced in the forms of a clutch, shoulder bag, hip-bag and tote; all colour coordinated with the beige and blue.

Mix large prints with small and blend similar colours together for a total look but don’t be afraid to investigate the feminine accents in colours and themes.



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