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La Perla Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – La Perla’s New York Fashion Week show proved to be the epitome of femininity and female sexuality, with roots firmly planted in its origins as an underwear brand. The playful styles of the 90s such as checked material and slip dresses were given a raw sexual edge through bright colours and the use of satin and lace. The fashionable faces of Naomi Campbell and Joan Smalls were dressed in a negligee and a floor length ball gown respectively, demonstrating how La Perla presents underwear as being of equal importance to outwear.

Pieces ranged from well fitted trouser suits in bold magenta pinks and cobalt blues, to delicate lace slips, where visible underwear and structured bralette tops played a large, and crucial role. Embellished bras were on full display, and with this level of detail – so they should be! In stark contrast the trouser and skirt suits, perhaps influenced by Hillary Clinton’s iconic style, were given a stylish overhaul with bright colours, gathered fabrics and floral embroideries.

The sexier styles were often in the form of negligee, corset type dresses, with contrasting materials of checked print and floral lace, creating a paradoxical seductive yet conservative look. Spring has truly sprung through these designs, with the combination of bright pink and reds with contrasting black lace proved to be particularly striking.

The collection certain embodied bold femininity, and the contrast of fitted trouser suits compared to the barely-there lace slip dresses, displayed two ends of the spectrum of modern female fashion, the bold edged career woman and celebration of sensuality.

La Perla Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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