Kenzo Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – The collection began with a selection of denim jackets, dresses and coats where the devil was in the details. Oversized knot ties, tassel details and white stitching made the designs, which seemed to have been modelled on loose fitting boiler suits, seem edgy and actually quite glamorous, aided by the teaming of them with leopard-print boots and court shoes that suggested a free-spirited, fashion-forward vibe throughout the show.

Navy high-necked nightdresses with ruffled collars and smocked bodies emphasised the fleeting inspiration of the Victorian period, given a modern update by the occasional white shirt with even bigger sleeves worn underneath.

Similar ruffled shirts were a constant staple, again teamed with modernity in the form of a line black leather skirt, a tight latex-appearing dress and an oversized quite boxy coat where only the flared cuffs were visible.

The next stop seemed to be Japan, where bright shirt versions were the base layer beneath shiny floral and pink tiger print dresses, with the former print recurring on skirts and coats later in the show.

But it wasn’t long before the collection found itself in the Seventies and Eighties with bright, wavy knitwear, purple coats with tiger print collars and silhouette distorting jackets with linebacker shoulders, leading the way in a group of zany, out-there looks which weren’t afraid to clash colours and fabrics continuously

The fun was matched by the makeup too, with broad eyeliner flicks extending right up past the eyebrow in a design extending among a popular PFW trend.

Kenzo Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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Written by Becki Murray

Becki is a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Bristol, where she studies English Literature. She loves to seek out new and exciting fashion stories and can be found leading the search for the perfect LBD.

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