Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabe Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Junya Watanabe displayed a collection that screamed punk influences, full of edgy and modern looks.

Deconstructing outfits to new forms, the collection featured pieces such as a reinvented parka jacket with the hood padding sculpting the shoulders and furred lining dropping just below the shoulder, and a more avant-garde contribution of jackets with an almost origami type structure; usually in a mismatch of tartan, floral or animal prints. These were typically set against a fishnet texture on the arms and legs, with chunky and extra-thick soled boots to finish.

With a typical 1970s punk passion, the collection also refashioned outfits in a manner that attracted attention; a leopard printed biker jacket with a tartan skirt and almost caped shoulder design was paired with a thick black belt at the hip, with bold contrasts between black and yellow seen throughout – just two examples of pieces that yelled anarchy.

Hair and makeup played up the urban youth culture even further, with an onslaught of electric dyes in turquoise, red and mustard in short, cropped styles as well as heavily lined eyes and ultra-extended eyelashes. Accessories affixed a slightly gothic look, with a range of chunky black leather, studs and chains fastened around the neck and wrists.

Arguably the most grunge collection to hit Paris Fashion Week thus far; AW17 Watanabe models can take on anything in this daring collection.

Junya Watanabe Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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