Junya Watanabe Man

Junya Watanabe Man Menswear Spring-Summer 2016 

Inspired by traditional African clothing, Watanabe’s collection is truly inspiring and brave with his successful attempt to modernise and mainstream this outdated look. The pieces throughout this show all demonstrate the different vital characteristics of the staple African clothing; Watanabe integrates this through using traditional African hairstyles, featuring an array of plaits and styles. The accessories and jewellery used are all incredibly striking, the garish and threatening nature of the necklaces and weapons demand attention. The beadwork that is present in the collection also pays homage to the African inspiration.

The tribal element continues in each look through tribal and patch work prints that are featured on the majority of the garments. The introduction to ponchos also gives reference to the African Tribal element that saturates this show. Watanabe provides his audience with wearable pieces including Jackets and T-shirts that deliver a more demure, suitable embrace of the African elements that this show encapsulates

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