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Julien Macdonald Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Julien Macdonald brought sexy glamour to London Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2017. He had both his male and female models dressed up in amazing creations, demonstrating once again his love of sequins, beading and sleek styles, to dazzle his audience.

A key trend identified in this collection was inspiration from animals for the womenswear. Models were adorned with crocodile leather looks, animal-like patterns and stripes. Alongside this, designs consisted of sand-like colours, netting and figure hugging shapes. The models were strutting down the runway, walking proud like the animals their clothing was inspired from.

Overall the clothing had a limited colour palette, focusing on the neutrals and nudes, whites, silvers and blacks. These colours were complimented by a wide range of designs, from lace, embroidery, sequin tassels, chains, Swarovski crystals and zips. All of these contributed to another key element of the collection, which was movement. The adornment on the gowns created movement and shapes as the models glided down the runway.

For menswear the colour palette was also limited, mainly to blacks, silvers and whites, with embellishments. There were a number of themes inspiring the menswear, with some similar animal-like prints; elements of a western theme, with pointed shoulders, black hats and boots; and also a rock idea, which is a common element of the brand. For menswear the designer maintained the rock ideas of the brand, and developed a modern approach to cargo ideas with heavy silver hardware and tight fighting tees. Another emphasis was again on movement, with embellishments on the blazers which created shapes, reflected light and moved with the models as they walked down the catwalk.  

Although the designs were glamourous eveningwear, they brought a sexy, risqué edge to Fashion Week. The designs clung to the models skin, with daring cut outs, low necklines, and short or asymmetrical lengths. The floor-length gowns had models stumbling, and a lot of flesh was on show, both of which have become expected of Macdonald’s catwalks.

Like the whole collection, the models were glowing, really complementing the outstanding designs. The wet-look hair and golden make-up was kept simple so that the focus of the show was on the extravagance of the designs. Overall the show was a success, with the style being admired by the fashion world.

Julien Macdonald Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Lorna Barry

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