John Richmond

John Richmond Men Spring-Summer 2016 – 

Without a doubt, John Richmond’s latest collection has arrived in a time machine; the revolutionary 70’s.The 70’s was a period of wild renaissance , with a dont-care attitude and each piece exudes 70’s flair. The standout print of the entire collection is a digital print suit that combines 70’s flair with the concept of modern technology in two primary colours : red and blue. Bright and bold colour is the focal point of each digital print suit , accentuated by electric blue trainers.

If any designer could be awarded the most creative in the fashion industry it would be John, whose ability to fuse the past with the present scores him bonus points. Alongside the key digital pieces, Richmond draws inspiration from pop art and cartoon graffiti with almost garish ( but pleasantly so)  large scale designs, that are used to liven up plain work shirts and beach board shorts.

John Richmond Men Spring-Summer 2016

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Written by Ana De Jesus

Soon gratuating in English with Education and Social Science, Ana already collaborates with a series of media platforms and publications.

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