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Jeremy Scott Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – The collection retained all the usual playfulness of a Jeremy Scott show, yet there was a certain ‘Jesus is watching you’ feel about it, perhaps because he was emblazoned all over the runway and clothes.

The show had everything from magenta, velour dungaree to head-to-toe leather, cowboy-inspired outfits, with everything in between, including considerable subtle Marilyn inspired dress, and not so subtle bright blue feathered coats.

Jeremy played homage to the simple t-shirt, but of course in Scott fashion nothing is too simple. There was a theme of TV and celebrities running throughout his designs, on T-shirt had a cartoon Michael Jackson, while others had Miss Piggy, Marie Antoinette, writing which read ‘sex is cute’ and Scott himself wore a cartoon face with a suspiciously fluffy, explosion of hair. Whoever he is trying to portray and what ever he is trying to say through these designs, the defiance of linking celebrity culture to his bright and outlandish designs seems to be a clear message on the current climate in America.

Political messages aside, Scott managed to use almost every fabric and style humanely possible, yet still create a cohesive collection. The phrase ‘no frills’ certainly did not apply here, in fact frills were on everything, matching underwear sets, tracksuits, dress and robe trims. Patchwork made its appearance on his and her trousers and denim, and other trends from the 70s such as mini dresses in bold colours paired with go-go boots were rife. Scoot managed to retain his playfulness nature through his designs, but certainly had people talking and not just about the clothes.

Jeremy Scott Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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