J.W.Anderson Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Spring Summer 2017 for J W Anderson was an opportunity to present a commercial, simple approach than is usually seen from the designer. The inspiration for this collection came from the Tudor period, mainly Henry VIII. From this inspiration Anderson developed an ideology that women should be empowered by the shapes of the periods clothing.

Clothing was constructed around clothing of the 16th Century. Shirts, jackets and dresses were constructed with full sleeves. Jackets were ruched, creating full bodies and detailed sleeves, in sand tones and completed by ribbon fastenings. Bright jumpers were worn in tunic length, with the structure of a donut styled rolled neck, hem and sleeves. Fluted hemlines were identified on both dresses and skirts. Necklines were kept high or scooped. Many dresses had narrow bodies which were elongated to below the waist, mirroring the Tudor style, and from there the skirts were full. This created womanly silhouettes of narrow figures and full skirts.

There was no restriction on the use of colour from J W Anderson. The collection mixed together white, black, bright red, emerald green, sky blue, and warmer tomes like burnt orange, lemon yellow, fuchsia and camel. This combination of colours was achieved through a combination of patterns. White mid-length dresses had baby pink and blue ombred sleeves, navy blue jackets had white details and white quilting, red and green were paired together in an ombre style on a long-sleeved dress with an asymmetrical length.

J W Anderson successfully transformed a Tudor man’s wardrobe into a wardrobe for the modern woman. The designer made the collection wearable through attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Embellishments, buckles and drop earrings were used as a nod to contemporary style. The competence of Anderson was also identified through the successful mixing of materials. For example, intricate quilting in Tudor style was combined with cotton and linen.

Each of these elements resulted in what could be seen as J W Anderson’s most approachable collection for present day styling.

J.W.Anderson Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Lorna Barry

Lorna is a recent graduate from Newcastle University. She has a love of fashion, art and travelling and enjoys being creative in any way she can. She loves to keep up to date with fashion and is always on the hunt for her next pair of shoes.

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