Spring-Summer 2014 – Safari influences, shift style tailoring and animal print all came together in Valentino’s diverse and intriguing collection this season.

On the one hand we saw safari inspired imagery with embroidered lion heads, jungle scenes and leopard print. Whilst, on the other, we saw influences from the renaissance era with rococo style prints and romanticised scenes of the countryside.

The shapes within this collection were fairly mixed as mini, tulle numbers walked alongside smooth, shift dresses and full prom skirts.

Ballet inspired shapes also made their way in to Valentino’s collection with the dreamy chiffon and costume style dresses.

Along with the array of shapes came a mixed variety of fabrics and materials. The see through and sheer panelling gave the collection a sensual quality, whilst the floaty tulle and chiffon detail added a sense of a romanticism. However, despite the fair mix of fabrics featured, Valentino also stayed true to his roots with the baroque print and exquisite lace detail.

Key pieces included a full length, white lace bridal gown and the grey, music note print, tulle dress was also particularly exquisite.

By combining an eclectic mix of fabrics, shapes and influences Valentino create a collection this season that was, on the whole, beautiful, unique and very ‘Haute Couture’.


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Written by Orla Wallis

Currently in her final year at De Montfort University studying Journalism and Film. With a lifelong love affair with both fashion and the written word, Orla will move to London after she graduates and become a successful fashion journalist

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