Giambattista Valli

Spring-Summer 2014 – By combining a vivid colour palette with some good old fashioned sparkle, Giambattista Valli’s contribution to Paris Haute Couture SS14 proved to be a true feast for the eyes.

Dresses and skirts were at the centre of this collection and arrived in a variety of different shapes and styles, including full ballet, prom and fishtail.

The dresses featured in the collection were perfectly decorated in dazzling, sequin, oriental flower embellishments and proved to be one of the highlights of the show. The colour palette showcased bold colours like royal blue, black, bright pink and yellow before moving on to more sophisticated colours like oyster pink and pearl white.

The collection oozed sophistication with its series of tailored, origami-style folds and cuts in the fabric. Such striking, beautiful folds created an effortless, flowing aesthetic that built upon the elegance already present in the dreamy colours and intricate embellishments.

The display of different shapes provided an intriguing and mesmerising experience and to say the collection was ‘memorable’ would be an understatement entirely.


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Written by Orla Wallis

Currently in her final year at De Montfort University studying Journalism and Film. With a lifelong love affair with both fashion and the written word, Orla will move to London after she graduates and become a successful fashion journalist

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