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Spring-Summer 2013 

After his daunting debut last year, Raf Simons unveiled an exquisite fairytale of a show for his second couture offering for Dior. Dresses stood alone as sculptured masterpieces that embraced the classic Dior silhouettes, without resulting in a pastiche, and models were enveloped in simple yet striking peplums, cocktail dresses and sharp tailored trousers. Floral bustiers paired with jackets were elegantly understated, and Simons demonstrated his revered ability to create fluidity amongst rigid lines. Voluminous skirt shapes cocooned models’ limbs with delicate floral embroidery scattered across dresses and gloves. The show had an air of innocence to it; a nostalgia for traditional couture brought into the contemporary. A success for Raf Simons’ ‘difficult second collection’.

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Written by Camilla Harrison

Camilla is currently in her final year studying BA Fashion History and Theory at Central St Martins and is a freelance writer for a range of publications and websites, writing fashion, arts and culture. In the last year, Camilla has been archiving the garments and history of Margaret Howell.

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