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Spring-Summer 2013

Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring Summer 2013 couture show was a journey through a darker side of Chanel; feather plumes fell over the models’ eyes, which were painted with soot black makeup creating a truly gothic look. The collection brought to mind a night in a secret garden; peek beyond the walls that enclose it and find the exquisite blooms dancing amongst each other, bold and striking amid the unruly ivy. The iconic Chanel tweed skirt suits were present, but throughout the show was a focus on shoulders. Structured sleeves created a rigid silhouette and jackets hung from the top of the arm, whilst skintight thigh high boots complete with peep toe are sure to be top of every fashionista’s wishlist. As the looks progressed, an array of floral motifs emerged, featuring frequent flashes of colour picked out in the botanical prints.

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Written by Camilla Harrison

Camilla is currently in her final year studying BA Fashion History and Theory at Central St Martins and is a freelance writer for a range of publications and websites, writing fashion, arts and culture. In the last year, Camilla has been archiving the garments and history of Margaret Howell.

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