Gucci Men Spring-Summer 2016 – 

For the second year running, Gucci has embraced the wild renaissance of the 70’s. The go-to for setting trends , the inspiration behind the infamous brand is simple , a luxury brand that uses premium fabrics such as high quality leather, suede and linen. Synonymous with the iconic brand’s love of kitsch eyewear, sunglasses are square and chunky with amber lenses for the 70’s vibe. Silhouettes are disproportionate , with asymmetrical bell hems , off-beat layering and clashing prints and colours that create a riot on the 70’s inspired catwalk. A riot of colour , each hue creates a non-linear narrative , where the audience have to put together the abstract pieces of the Gucci fashion puzzle.  The clashing colours adorn swathes of silk , linen and leather that can be worn day and night with a kitsch spotty silk pajama set at the top of all fashion gurus wishlists.

Gucci Men Spring-Summer 2016

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Written by Ana De Jesus

Soon gratuating in English with Education and Social Science, Ana already collaborates with a series of media platforms and publications.

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