Givenchy Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – Ricardo Tisci introduced us to the chola girls who provided half of a culture clash created in juxtaposition with elements of moody Victoriana, at his Givenchy AW15 collection.

The collection was dark, in colour and in mood. His tribe wore dresses, inset with mesh bodice details and flounced in velvet, ruffled at the seams or fitted in a jacquard was a fresh new take on the Little Black Dress.
The tailoring was done superbly. Short, trim jackets over sleek pants transitioned impeccably to tailcoats, some with peplums or double cutaways; some piped in red, some with cocoon like sleeves.
Bomber jackets were adorned in a peacock-patterned fur, or with fringing detail along the hem, toughened up with leather boots.
The palette was almost all black or a rich, dark burgundy with the only softness coming from a few nude pieces and the softness of fur coats.
Models walked down a catwalk with a fierce attitude that was decorated with arcade games, skate boards, motorcycle helmets and neon lights, in heeled boots, some with velvet detailing. Hair was tied back into plaits, with baby hairs decorating the forehead and cheeks with curls plastered down in true chola style. Ornate jewellery hung from the models faces replicating piercings and tattoos.

The gothic darkness of the collection was mysterious and transporting, a truly stunning show.




Givenchy Women Autumn-Winter 2015

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Written by Aneesa Hussain

A fashion fiend Journalism graduate who's eye is drawn to the beauty of minimalism, intricate detailing and dreamy bohemian pieces. She enjoys writing, traveling, drinking tea and laughing until her insides hurt

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