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Gareth Pugh Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Gareth Pugh brought theatrical grandeur to London Fashion Week. Taking his emphasis from Ancient Rome the collection revolved around a regal aesthetic, demonstrated through black, gold and purple designs.

Within the theme of Ancient Rome Gareth Pugh explored power and therefore an emphasis was the strength of the sun. The catwalk opened with powerful outfits in black with gold details. Models wore structured black suits, figure hugging black floor length and mid length dresses with bold thigh-high slits, and golden corsets with black skirts with risqué openings. Halo’s and crowns were worn around the models heads with patterns of sun beams.

The integration of bold black designs and gold effects had a noble vibe. Regal outfits were composed of gold mosaics. Dresses combined statement black shoulders with gold mosaics, black thick coats had edges of mosaic and mosaic high-neck tank tops were paired with black bootleg trousers.

As the catwalk progressed the clothing developed and reflected a fading sun. White and a subtle gold were then used to portray the sun’s rays. This ray pattern was found on mid length dresses with an asymmetrical hem, on slightly flared trousers, long coats and belted kimono style mid length dresses.

Gareth Pugh is admired for his theatrics, and he again showed himself as a master of creative, fashionable drama. There was drama in his designs, in the large halo’s created to reflect the sun, through the black hairstyles and chunky leather boots. Despite the grandeur and performance, the clothing was still wearable. In addition to the theatrics, yet still maintaining the noble theme, Pugh designed outerwear, draped one-shoulder purple jumpsuits, one-shoulder asymmetrical white dresses, tailored suits and sleeveless black dresses.

Gareth Pugh Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Lorna Barry

Lorna is a recent graduate from Newcastle University. She has a love of fashion, art and travelling and enjoys being creative in any way she can. She loves to keep up to date with fashion and is always on the hunt for her next pair of shoes.

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