Fendi Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – A girlish prettiness heightened by frills and baby shades of pink and blue set the mood at Fendi. There were scarcely any straightforward shapes and fabrics as Lagerfeld seemingly abolished conventional silhouette, in favour of 3-D.

Scallop detailing and flounces lined the edges of almost every billowy dress and blouse, coming in muted shades of salmon, greens and browns. With the first few looks there seemed to be an emphasis on the waist, but later on waistlines were freed in favour of breezy prairie dresses.

Bottoms were given a complicated refashioning, and reconstructed into geometric shapes such as balloon pants and structured culottes. In true AW fashion, there was barely any skin on show aside from the slits of flesh between the whimsical thigh-high boots and platform clogs paired with almost every look.

Middy Kilts and quirky folksy embroidery, injected contrasting energies into the collection and when combined with fitted peplum jackets it offered more uniformed alternatives compared to other looks. Lagerfeld proved a woman could never have enough technicolour fur by including it in everything from snoods, wristbands, collars and of course bags.

Fendi Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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Written by Maria Komba

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