Fendi Men Spring-Summer 2016 – 

Founded in 1925 , the luxurious clothing label caters to the bourgeois Italian man through a measured supply of high-quality fabrics and dyed hues. Fabrics are spared no expense with suede, leather and linen re-capturing the essential elegance of a man who can afford to look good. Not for the common man, silhouettes are decidedly elite with attention to tailored hems and symmetrical layering that accentuates the wealth of a Fendi man . Accessories are kept minimal with muted  navy blue side hand-bags juxtaposed against hybrid fabric clashes : suede, leather and linen. The hybrid appeal of the latest collection is unashamedly flamboyant drawing attention to the quality rather than the aesthetic appeal of the clothing line. Each shirt , pair of trousers and handbag is made from the most premium of materials and presentation is key to nailing this quintessentially Italian look.

Fendi Men Spring-Summer 2016

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Written by Ana De Jesus

Soon gratuating in English with Education and Social Science, Ana already collaborates with a series of media platforms and publications.

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