Fay Woman Spring Summer 2017 – At Fay an army of models marched the runway in succession. The show was like a military march of tall slender soldiers in luxurious uniform. The colour scheme was decidedly neutral. Looks were made almost exclusively of military navy, green or brown with the occasional smattering of butter yellow and turquoise.

Army style jackets were oversized but cinched at the waist with belts, each one complete with rips and large brass buttons. Whilst obviously taking inspiration from military styles, a heavy emphasis was placed on the use of belts to accentuate the waist. This created a more overtly feminine feel to the otherwise boyish shape of many of the pieces. Jewelled embellishments were also sparingly used to add femininity.

One area in which the waist was not a focal point however was in the trousers, which hung across the hips and were adorned with buckles. Hair was kept slicked back in keeping with the strong theme.

Fay Woman Spring Summer 2017


Hair & Make up


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Written by Emma Kate Hall

Emma is an English student at King’s College London. She loves reading, writing and travelling and hopes to pursue a career in fashion journalism full time after her degree.

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