Etro Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – Veronica Etro’s collection for AW took a turn into the ‘90s, deviating from the abundance of ‘80s influx. There was a bourgeoisie flair to the effortless method layering knits and clashing patterns.

The house’s classic decadent jacquards resurfaced through chiffons and velvets on long Edwardian-style dress. Thick knits were unspooled around the neck, while long military coats swung open to high necklines and drooping waistlines. Luxury was hinted at through richly hued velvets- threaded with embroidery in the case of collarless jackets.

There was a whiff of vintage antiquity through the muted choice of colours, which were toughened by biker jacket, and sometimes mixed with boucle or embroidered with floral applique.

Tuxedo jacket atop of tartan flannels with lace inserts, amplified the semi-whimsical nature of it all, where as Japanese florals and silks communicated an expressionism which heightened the decadent air of the collection. Aside from the decorative aspect of the garments, it nevertheless remained wearable and street-style worthy.

Etro Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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