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Donna Karan Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – Donna Karan’s designs never fail to reflect New York City, with the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection she continues her tradition of reflecting the city and the season from classy feminine origami folds and waist- emphasising belts a slight 1950’s edge is felt alongside multicultural glamour.

‘A spring cocktail’ is the metaphor used to describe the combination of colours black, red and blue splattered together in the style of brush stokes. Jackets are a favourite in the collection, from blazers to a leather bomber, all were belted at the midriff about trousers or narrow skirts.

Donna Karan’s evening dresses have a Morden vibe, signature to Donna, sheer panels are slightly exposed yet still sleek. The combination of colour worked well, the poppy red dresses stood out as clear summery pieces.

Donna Karan Women Autumn-Winter 2015


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