DKNY Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – “The uniform of New York” was what DKNY’s autumn/winter 2015 show was described as but was nothing like the drab navy pleated skirts that we all think of with the word “uniform”. Flamboyant colors and sleek embellishment was the key to Donna Karen’s  new collection, bringing in (once again) the turtle neck craze, which everyone oh-so-loved this winter. Although navy and blue do make an appearance, the aesthetic is something o similarity to Gossip Girl trends, high class, chic and very New York city.

The opening of the show was done by Maartje Verhoef in a v-neck electric blue jumper, layering over a white turtle neck. The electric blue made further appearances from then on; in forms of loosely fitting suit trousers, only to be the start of the rainbow ‘cool’ colors to later come out – including turquoise and bright red.

Accessorized with black shoes throughout paired with white sports socks with “DKNY” print to perfectly finish off DKNY’s cool aesthetic.

DKNY Women Autumn-Winter 2015


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