Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold Man Spring-Summer 2017 – Nicola Formichetti’s spring/summer collection was for the macho male who is not afraid to reach within the depths of their feminine side. A show dominated by leathers and denims, models graced the catwalk with the essence of labourers going to work. This aesthetic was influenced by the works of American photographer Irving Penn: a series of photographs capturing images of butchers, chimney sweepers and builders. Formichetti’s practical nylon jackets featured multiple pockets and accompanied acid wash jeans, decorated with flecks of paint after a manly day of DIY. This level of testosterone was punctuated by wrap-around leather jackets which pulled in at the waist and were clearly inspired by the ladylike kimono. Feminine debuts continued as models switched their heavy workman boots for open toe sandals and the shows muted colour palette of black, navy and grey graduated to softer tones: white, cream and salmon pink. Also notable were the pinstripe suits in cherry-red, and the variation of quilted, trim bomber jackets.

Diesel Black Gold Man Spring-Summer 2017


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Written by Georgia Midwinter

A fashion journalism graduate, Georgia has a way with words and is fascinated by the way that a perfectly cultivated sentence can have just as much influence as an empowering painting.

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