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Christian Dior Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Striking the right balance between informal and luxurious is a hard one to master, but one that Dior keeps getting right with each coming season.

Like a scene from a moonlight dream, Dior’s collection was both timeless and endlessly elegant, with the mixture of dark and light blue tones setting the stage for a truly enchanting show. Many dresses in the collection demanded a sense of awe, from a deep blue and velvet dress with dropped shoulders and delicate laced detailing on the sleeves to a refined bustier-style piece with a gentle progression of dark midnight blues to paler, more faded shades cascading down the sequined gown.

Midi-skirts were a recurring feature, with the theme of relaxed sophistication spanning from a soft blue tulle being paired with a cable knit sweater to a buffalo check ensemble with a simple black boot and dark cobalt jumper. Equally, a double-breasted coat with a wide collar and lapel, fitted at the waist with a slightly flared hem gave an air of noble simplicity, yet was made bolder by an embellished bag strap wrapped across the body, beautifully complimenting the polished orbs arced around a loose fitting necklace. Accessories like this were common, with many having the distinct Dior logo present in subtle detailing as well as quintessentially French berets being worn throughout.

In keeping with a Dior sentiment, this collection exhibited tokens that were natural and sincere; nothing was too much or too little, with every number glistening down the runway with a sapphire-like shimmer.

Christian Dior Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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