Balmain Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – In a show that could have easily been overshadowed by the models, the likes of Kendall Jenner (gone blonde) and Gigi Hadid (gone brunette) walked the runway, Balmain still proved its designs could stand out from the crowd.

Despite every inch of the models’ skin appearing to be covered up, semi-sheer fabrics and corset lacing made the designs extremely provocative. Suede over-the-knee length boots extended up to join with structured crinoline skirts and wide set belts in gold and black ensured that every tiny waist was accentuated.

Likewise, body suits clung to their silhouettes, with barely-there lace trousers adorned on the outside with silk ruffles. These added a sense of movement to the pieces that softened the other extremely structured elements.

The incorporation of tassel fringing also added fun details to the dresses, emphasising the waist, shoulders and hem lines to add glamour to the designs. Further additions of shredded mink fur and elaborate beading worked in similar ways, created designs which had a bewitching and eye catching elaborance.

This sense of decadence was continued in the choice of an extremely light colour palette, in which pale blues, lilacs, pinks mints and dove greys all featured heavily. The softness of these colours added a significant degree of femininity to the looks but perhaps also, most importantly, emphasised that the pieces were fragile pieces of art not just ready to wear clothing.

Balmain Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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Written by Becki Murray

Becki is a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Bristol, where she studies English Literature. She loves to seek out new and exciting fashion stories and can be found leading the search for the perfect LBD.

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