Balenciaga Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – Bold moves were made at Balenciaga as creative director Alexander Wang, dug deep in the archives of the house and modernised the past Wang style.

When working on the AW15 collection Wang thought back to clientele that Cristóbal Balenciaga (Founder of the label) would attract with his designs, and the customers of label today. He wanted to merge the two together to see how they would want their luxury garments to be.
Bold shapes of the past made an appearance but in a modernised revamped way; a cocoon coat, rounded jackets with stand up collars, and the house’s signature bubble skirts.
The colour palette was kept simple with hues of black, white, grey with a bleeding of red.
The attention was in the detail of the designs; seams of skirts lined with metal staples, black leather belts replaced collars, and razor blades were sewn together to create a fitted shirt for the final look, giving the line a real edge.
A sleeveless dress in the black and white tartan check with the asymmetrical hem, the thigh slit and the slit down the chest, a black patch on one side pinned in place with a pretty little white flower really has us revelling in the beauty of the brand.
Leather motifs dominated the line, in the form of gloves and pants, jackets and shoes amongst other fabrics of tweed and windowpane checks.

The collection was elegant, modern and chic. Homage to the past but a nod to the future of what is to come of the brand.  It was by far Wang’s strongest collection for the label yet.





Balenciaga Women Autumn-Winter 2015

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