Giorgio Armani

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Autumn-Winter 2013/14 

Whist Emporio was prepared for a trip to the mountains, Giorgio was built to thrive in the city as doses of opulent velvet in hues of rouge, maroon and black set the tone and showed the design marvel’s knowledge and penchant for beauteous yet easy living.

The shoulders appeared to be central to Giorgio for next winter, choosing shapes built for a man who chooses his clothes with the intention to be worn and to be practical. So with this in mind, round shoulders on double breasted coats and jackets some with carrying essences of military which was extenuated by military fastened waistcoats underneath. That was a signature garment of the collection, the waistcoat which came in fitted or loose with wide lapels that flowed, hinting at the practical man in mind.

Then came the suiting, which differed with the Armani aesthetic of classic straight cuts; the simple tux – no muss no fuss. It came in pinstripe and featured small burst of colours in pocket squares (the square was a notable pattern on garments, too) and more relaxed looks which came without ties.

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Written by Tobias Orrells

Tobias Orrells graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in International Journalism, however, steering away from news, has focused his creativity to reporting on the progression of men’s fashion. He is an avid writer and lover of fashion and music and combining the two helps create the icon profiles. Looking after the Catwalk Yourself Icons biographies

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