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Autumn-Winter 2013/14 

On the first day of the Milan collections, Costume National took viewers back to the 90’s with their display of rich minimalistic garments that honed in on the masculinity and dalliance of the modern man.

With slight colour variances, the all black toned collection used sporadic splashes of cobalt, which formed a bomber jacket and tailored trouser. Back to black and a plethora of choice was garnered as bomber, biker and double-breasted coats came with zip and leather detail in thick statements. The flop hat was added in for good measure creating a mysterious look; a luxurious Matrix character if you will.

As with the leather detail mentioned above, leather also transitioned into trousers that were slim and glossy like oil on water and was paired with polo necks and t-shirts under blazers and bulked up coats. In the eyes of Costume National, their man is in a world of his own.

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Written by Tobias Orrells

Tobias Orrells graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in International Journalism, however, steering away from news, has focused his creativity to reporting on the progression of men’s fashion. He is an avid writer and lover of fashion and music and combining the two helps create the icon profiles. Looking after the Catwalk Yourself Icons biographies

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