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Anna Sui Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – The Anna Sui collection was pure decadence and romance. The entire show was made up of velvet, fur, tapestry and layers of ruffled, frilled sleeves and necks, there wasn’t a block colour in sight either. The colour scheme looked like it was influenced by old oil paintings, with shades of deep purple and navy, gold and green, but many of the clothes looked like they were heavily influenced by the seventies and also the 1920’s.

The collection was mostly made up of long sleeved dressed with frills around the wrists and neck. Many were accessorised with over the top amulet style jewellery, or wide waist belts which were heavily embellished.

The heavy use of velvet gave a wizardly feel to many of the looks, with long velvet robe like coats or even cloaks being regulars in the collection. These kinds of looks added to the modern woman meets 70s hippy aesthetic of the collection.

It’s hard to pick out a stand out piece when every look was so detailed and busy, but the flapper style dressed, especially when paired with decadent fur coats draped over the models shoulders, really stood out from the crowd.

Anna Sui Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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