Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester Man Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Ann Demeulemeester brings a collection that is ethereal and shows her poetic approach to clothing.

There is instant admiration for the attention that was paid to detailing and how this played with a narrative perception.  The shirts with ruffled sleeves teamed with waistcoats built the character of  ‘the artist’ or ‘the poet’.  Embroidered sheer tops and soft silhouettes brought romanticism into the air. A sense of passion was also thrown into this. Leather jackets and long gloves were teamed with transparent shirts. The gaze of the models was luring and a confidant attitude was present.

The feathered hats, high neck lace detailing and ribbon ties takes time back to early 1900s. One of Ann Demeulemeester’s strengths is the way she is able to use nostalgic and vintage inspiration without that aspect taking over other characteristics.  The monochrome colour palette had elements of grey and red. A structured brown suit was seen. Not one known to concentrate on trends, Demeulemeester manages to add velvet jackets and worded neck accessories with subtly.

Overall, this is a fantastic collection that is not afraid to show how masculinity can be expressed, without the need of the typical features.

Ann Demeulemeester Man Autumn-Winter 2017-18



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Written by Nafisa Sidat

Nafisa is a Textile Designer, who has a passionate interest in art, design and fashion. She admires expression in creativity and believes in the beauty of sharing this with others.

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