Altuzarra Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – The inspiration for Joseph Altuzarra’s autumn/winter 2015 collection was dandyism – the idea of aristocracy and importance of physical appearance – as well as Gloria Vanderbilt.

“This was the first season that I felt I was really challenging the silhouette,” said Joseph. “It felt really liberating but also exciting to go beyond that silhouette that’s so identifiably Altuzarra – that straight slit skirt, the button-up shirt, and the really sharply tailored jacket. And move that into something different but that still felt like the brand.”

With sexy slits and sheers, Altuzarra notched up the dandyism to a more modern day impression whilst combining elegantly with glittering fabrics and lace turtle neck shirts, whilst having a regal color scheme – navy blues, tweed, camel, reds (matching the models eye make up) and a range of pastel shades. Fur on outerwear was also a common theme, as well as thigh high leather boots, embellished with studs, that added a bondage feel to each outfit – making this collection an eye catcher for all audiences.

Altuzarra Women Autumn-Winter 2015


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