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Alexander McQueen Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – Sarah Burton brings a familiar gothic elegance at Alexander McQueen, which gradually bloomed into a soft, feminine collection.

McQueen is a brand that is renowned for its theatrical shows, and that was the case up until this season. Burton bought a collection that was wearable, and will feature in the Alexander McQueen Exhibition which opens this week at the Victoria and Albert in London.
On the catwalk she offered up the purest extraction of what she has called ‘The spirit of the rose’, a flower that begins as bud that blooms into a beautiful flower and then eventually collapses back onto itself in gorgeous decay. In a colour palette restricted to all the shades of pink from blush to magenta, red, black and ivory, leather skirts were knife-pleated and suspended from bodices edged with a mere trace of lace.
A lacquered jacquard double-breasted jackets cut close to the bone with an ivory and red fur collar.
A series of frilly tiered lace dresses with sheer panels across the torso, frills with piping detail, pretty lace bralets peeking from underneath and cinched at the waist giving a feminine silhouette.
Then came the dresses entirely constructed in petals of silk and in more lace and torn organza with layer upon layer of tiny frills winding their way across their surfaces. Short dresses with expansive flower motif decorations that had an extreme sense of femininity about them. The sheer chiffon dresses emblazoned with rose print brought sensuality.
Boots came in the coveted calf length with a few knee high numbers in deep red, nude and black.
With their 18th century-inspired hair, powdered, pale complexions and doll-like features, models resembled fragile flowers. Their clothes too – ethereal, quintessentially feminine and hand-worked with a delicacy and lightness that is rare – evoked country garden blooms.

A simply beautiful collection.



Alexander McQueen Women Autumn-Winter 2015

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