Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Taking the audience on a trip through folklore and mythology, Sarah Burton revealed a collection that outlined feminine creativity and a beautiful exploration of fantasy and reverie.

With an earthly connection to the world around us, the collection took on a mythical edge, featuring silver embroidery in a ritualistic design, as well as tapestry style dresses with red stitching. A motif of coloured lace was used, typically dangling from outfits or woven into tweed fabric, highlighting McQueen’s dedication to soft, feminine armor.  This wild naturalism soon transformed into a sensual pulse of demure pieces, with tulle dresses to finish the show crafting the impression of a beautiful assailant.  This was stamped with a tougher exterior through the introduction of leather jackets and shearling coats with metal buckles and zips.

Hair was crimped and knotted into small braids around the head, giving off a heroically medieval power, which worked with off-white boots with an almost ceremonial pattern. A richly historical show with a powerful modern force, the McQueen collection never fails to produce a world of wonder and in this case, medieval delight.

Alexander McQueen Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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Written by Nicola Torch

A third year student of English Literature at the University of St Andrews. An aspiring fiction writer with a love for good food, eclectic fashion and inspired by the likes of JK Rowling, Charles Bukowski and Allen Ginsberg.

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