Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti Women Spring Summer 2016


A whimsical patchwork of sheer silk and web embroidery over a white, three-quarter sleeve peasant blouse began this collection, giving a preview for what was to follow. Delicate, detailed dresses belted over white blouses transitioned into flowing silk dresses with drop waists or none at all, followed by silken, unstructured separates. Grecian gowns and beautiful dresses defined by overlapping leaves outlined in sheer black ruffles ended the collection. A few bucket backpacks with woven panels and metal details were worn at the start.

This collection had a very rustic feel, made up of natural colors such as brown, tan, rust and black, occasionally interrupted by golden yellow, deep orange, light green and dark blue pieces. Lace, distressed edges and woven strips of sheer cloth added texture to billowing dresses. Stripes and geometric shapes added to long gowns.

Knee-high sandals with intricate floral designs alternated with wrapped leather ankle sandals, each in browns, gold and black. Large gold jewelry and hairpieces complemented these sandals. Defined waists and form-revealing fabrics enhance the ultra-feminine tone. Natural and rustic, this collection had a fairy-like feeling to it, emphasized by the delicate embroidery and lace, and sheer billowing gowns.


Alberta Ferretti Women Spring Summer 2016





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