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Alberta Ferretti Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – Alberta Ferretti’s collection this season could easily have been confused for a lingerie show, elements of which seemed to go hand in hand with the designer’s aesthetics of light flimsy attire. Silk was not used sparingly and dipped in mocha and emerald, before being inserted with lace to create intricate hybrids of evening dresses and jumpsuits and pyjamas sets.

Fluidity was explored with a variety of other fabrics, namely velvet which also crawled up lace up boots. Amidst the nightwear were equally chaste waist-dropping gowns embroidered with spider web like intricate lace. More everyday looks came in shades of stone and paired with waterfall jackets emphasising once more fluidity, before being tied up neatly with a bow.

As too often with Ferretti, nature played a key role as did fairy tale connotations, with fur hoods and woodland embellishments and floral applique conjuring allusions to Snow White and red riding hood. Other petite dresses captured the appearance of silver bronzing at the edges and hemmed with midnight lace. Towards the end the AW attributes of collection began to emerge; more fur more twill more tweed.

Alberta Ferretti Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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