Agnés B

Agnés B Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17 – A collection full of class and elegance as Agnes B featured their design at the Paris Fashion Week.

The collection displayed included minimal of patterns, but played with bold colours. The key pieces for the collection were the orange suit paired with the pink trainers, accessorised along with the tartan long scarf and patterned black hat and the light blue fitted blazer with white pearl looking buttons on the front and an incorporated brooch, black very tight fitted slim pants, black shoes and a black hat.

The collection also plays with long coats, short sleeved green, blue and black Juliet which was paired with sheer grey pants.

The key accessories with this collection were the token looking black hats, black turtle neck tops and the grey chained trainers. The designer added a modern twist to classic by pairing the majority of the coordinated suits with trainers rather than shoes. This is so 2016.

Agnés B Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17


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Written by Otillia Antonio

Otilia is an International fashion journalism masters student, make up artist and fashion blogger with a passion for exploring new cultures and travelling.

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