3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim Woman Spring Summer 2017 – This season took a direct detour from last season’s organic shapes, as Lim presented body-hugging pieces and structured looks with the occasional free shapes thrown in. Neat whites with bright florals opened the show, starting with a bralet and matching mid-thigh skirt, under a long, notch-lapelled vest. Off-center denim pieces, from dresses to skirts, featured zippers that led nowhere and seams that led everywhere. Florals were given a sporty look, as black framed zippers coursed down the body’s center, and stretchy cotton bodysuits peaked from below.

Bralets, silky dresses, and satin separates brought a touch of lingerie to the collection, contrasting the studded leather shoes worn throughout. Pointed ankle boots and high-vamped slingbacks hinted at an urban cowgirl inspiration, reinforced by the use of leather and denim in skirts and jackets. Halterneck jumpsuits with the distinct metal zipper that nearly defines the show appeared, a cool take on the re-emerged trend.

Stripes and bright yellow brought up the final looks in the show, fresh and peppier than the black and brown evening looks that straddled the show. A pair of striped drawstring pants cuffed at the ankle featured two lines of ruffles that ran up the sides of the legs, matching the ruffled armholes of the tank top they were paired with. A pastel yellow jacket was matched with canary yellow shorts, a color reflected in the bright knit of the sweater dress and pants set that comprised the final look. The pastel yellow appeared again as well, in cropped trousers and a matching sleeveless coat. Cool and eye-catching, this collection feels up to the minute without being trendy.

3.1 Phillip Lim Woman Spring Summer 2017


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