Street Fashion- Winter Coats

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Street Fashion- Winter Coats

London str F15 067  London str F15 094

Lighting the streets with technicolour, these coats abandon traditional neutral colours for brighter, bolder fabrics. Born out of thick wools and silky suede, these coats are accompanied by matching coloured clothes and shoes.

London str F15 127  London str F15 160

More familiar styles of coat, these ladies choose classic duster and mac styles. Worn in deep navy and black tones, these coats are ideal for those looking to tone down, taper and tailor their daily outfits.

London str F15 048  London str F15 105

A modern day Modette, pairing this leopard coat with a tassled dress and metallic gold boots keeps the look true to the Sixties. Also opting for quirkier outerwear, this years’ on trend blanket wrap is transformed into the style of a cosy coat on the right.

London str F15 179

Two styles have dominated the coat market this year and this look sees them combined. Merging the tuxedo with the cape, this look is kept classy with a frilled white shirt and black bow tie. Introduce a little modernity with large sunglasses.

Street Fashion- Winter Coats

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