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Street Fashion- Trending

London m str S17 127

Neck scarves may be in fashion for women this year, but this guy demonstrates the style can work for men too. Worn against a monochrome combo of black trousers and a plain white tee.

London m str S17 057  London m str S17 059

Contrasting a rare, black London phone box, a tie-dye top is elevated to new heights with this oversized fedora. Strong leather cuffs and a matching clutch introduce texture before being finished with a soft skirt.

London m str S17 115  London m str S17 116

Overalls are a leading trend for men this Summer/Spring. Transporting us back to their hey day in the 1990s, wear simply with a plain t-shirt, or jazz them up with patterns and quirky accessories (as per above).

London m str S17 161

This all black outfit is given a taste of summer/spring through the bold print of the flare trousers. Embellished in pretty pink flowers, the low gold necklace introduces an overall 70s feel.

Street Fashion- Trending

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