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Street Fashion- Plenty of Print

Paris m str F17 073Paris m str F17 074

With Spring and Summer on the horizon, last years pyjama trend is getting a floral makeover. Emblazoned with red roses, this striped gown is worn over jeans and heels for a sophisticated sleepwear look.
Paris m str F17 122

Navy trousers and tweet jackets are worn in unison here, proving that all good things come in pairs. Styled with high neck tops and Chelsea boots, each outfit is topped with a fashionable hat.
Paris m str F17 194   Paris m str F17 195

Prints are making themselves known in the suit wear side of things and have continued from Spring and Summer into Autumn and Winter. This one is kept quirky with a yellow tie and thick woollen scarf.
Paris m str F17 131

Unafraid of mixing prints, striped trousers are paired bwith a Hawaiian style shirt. Brought together through their blue colour scheme, a cream coat and fedora give it a smarter finish.

Street Fashion- Plenty of Print

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Natalie is an English graduate whose interest in fashion began at an early age. A writer and blogger, she is passionate about vintage and French fashion and cites Audrey Hepburn as her ultimate style icon.

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