Street Fashion- Pink Ladies

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Street Fashion- Pink Ladies

London str S15 007   London str S15 007B

Sixties sweetheart mixed with rockabilly, this outfit combines pastel shades and fitted shapes. Tucking a frilled, prairie blouse into a tighter, blush coloured leather skirt, the clothes are given a masculine edge through a pair of two-tone shoes.

London str S15 016   London str S15 017

A multitude of colourful layers comprise this cute, quirky outfit. Pairing fluffy blue culotte shorts with a cropped, baby blue tuxedo jacket, the outfit is swaddled in a pastel pink coat before being finished off with some matching desert boots.

London str S15 044   London str S15 045

Softly covered in baby pink pleats, the message on a clutch bag preaches that ‘Luxury is a discipline.’ A sophisticated look for a walk around London, this traditionally feminine dress is pieced with sensible, sequined high tops and swept back hair

Street Fashion- Pink Ladies

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