Street Fashion- Lovely Londoners

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Street Fashion- Lovely Londoners

London str S16 010   London str S16 011

Matching colour block heels with the detailed embroidery of a this midi skirt creates a look that’s delicate and effortlessly feminine. Styled simply with a soft navy top and loosely waved hair, maintaining the floral skirt as the outfit’s centre piece.

London str S16 026   London str S16 027

A comfortable skirt and top combination is given a new lease of life through this deep green jacket. Opting for a backpack in a matching shade, fluffy, leopard print trainers add individuality and character.

London str S16 079   London str S16 079a
Deep and edgy, heads are sure to turn towards this electric smoking jacket. Smothered in bright, neon flowers, the look is understated with swept back hair and a staple black t-shirt.

London str S16 098   London str S16 098a

Strolling with attitude like a St Trinians school girl, this lady layers a black pinafore over an embroidered blouse. With patriotism stemming from the Great Britain stitching on the collar, the blunt Bob and buckled shoes give a rock and roll vibe.

Street Fashion- Lovely Londoners

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