Street Fashion- London Looks

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Street Fashion- London Looks

London m str S17 044   London m str S17 047

This patterned suit’s cotton fabric makes it perfect for wearing in either smart or casual styles. Keeping it casual for a day on the streets, the suit is worn with matching orange marl socks and Birkenstock sandals

London str S17 709

Pursuing Punk styles, this outfit opts for the subcultures traditional pairing of a white shirt with bolder tartan trousers. The chain detailing, dark lipstick and black leather boots contribute towards the style’s notoriously tough edge.

London str S17 574 London str S17 575

Going for glamour, this tiered pastel pink maxi dress is paired with platform heels. Finished with an adornment of gold rings on every finger and a simple gold necklace.

Street Fashion- London Looks

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