Street Fashion- East Enders

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Street Fashion- East Enders

London str S17 001b

Founded in 2015, Herculie are inspired by the notion of creating modern day uniforms through clean, comfortable designs. Championing their popular ‘Acne Cream’ t-shirt in the home of vintage clothing, Brick Lane, pairing it with a pleated emerald skirt and converse makes it ideal summer attire.

London str S17 019a   London str S17 020

Dresses over t-shirts is a big style for this Summer/Spring, but whilst the weather is still slightly chilly in London, wearing them over jeans keep it weather suitable yet stylish. Kept on trend with the go to shoes, leather slip on mules.

London str S17 027   London str S17 027a

Shoreditch is renowned for its individuality and indie style, with this triple denim design capturing its essence effortlessly. Tapping into the embroidered denim trend, metallic silver boots provide a space aged spin. Quirk is incorporated through the clear sunglasses, whilst the rainbow coloured umbrella is sure to brighten up even the dullest of days.

London str S17 068   London str S17 069a

Floaty and fun, swap your staple white summer dress for this logo print dress by JW. Anderson. Made with a colourful, neon right sleeve, the dress is styled with bright white trainers and a Chloe handbag.

Street Fashion- East Enders

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