Street Fashion- Brights

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Street Fashion- Brights



Pairing this royally red military jacket with flared blue jeans and a longer white t-shirt creates a smart and structured style, whilst curled hair and stiletto heels give the outfit an air of elegance.


Multicoloured and playful with it’s tailoring, this bright skirt is geometric and gorgeous. Again, allow it to be the focal point of your outfit by keeping other garments understated and neutral coloured.

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Cute and quirky , this oversized dress maintains structure through its strict navy and baby blue colour scheme and large pointed collar. Emblazoned with metal floral pieces, the accompanying bag and buckled boots reflect and retain the outfit’s overall theme.

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Contrasting coloured pieces with lighter or darker hues allows colour to become the centrepiece of your outfit. Whilst the pastel pink jumpsuit is accompanied with a leather jacket and soft grey fedora, the yellow cardigan on the right is toned down with a nude, zipped skirt before being accessorised with on trend fluffy slip ons and a statement clutch.


Street Fashion- Brights

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