Zegna unveils its Tumblr, plus five of fashion’s coolest Tumblrs

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Zegna – http://gn-project.tumblr.com/

Italian luxury brand Zegna has launched a new Tumblr designed to reposition the brand and its new creative director, former Yves Saint Laurent head designer Stefano Pilati, ahead of his June 22 debut. The ‘g N’ name is a subtle hint at the difficulties non-Italians have saying the label’s name; the Tumblr will be treated as “a tutorial for the correct pronunciation,” according to WWD

Calvin Klein –

Calvin Klein’s Tumblr is an artful mix of old advertising campaigns, street style shots, and new features and product announcements. Curated by fashion blogger and former Calvin Klein model Hannelli Mustaparta, it also offers plenty of behind the scenes extras from the label’s ateliers. 

Sephora – http://theglossy.sephora.co/

Cosmetics specialist Sephora combines product reviews, video tutorials, animated GIFs and plenty of engaging illustrated content on its Tumblr, titled ‘The Glossy’. 

NikeID – http://nikeid.tumblr.com/

Nike unveils the latest news about its ID line of personalizable sneakers, athletic apparel and equipment on its Tumblr site. The brand also hunts down and shares the most exciting Nike ID designs for inspiration. 

Tiffany & Co. – http://tiffanyandco.tumblr.com/

The Tiffany & Co. Tumblr is as classic as you would expect from the New York City based jeweler. Packed with vintage photography, archive designs, and shots of the latest Tiffany creations, it’s a true treat for fans of the brand. 

Burberry – http://burberry.tumblr.com/

Burberry is an old master when it comes to engaging with digital audiences. The brand’s Tumblr site, based around the ‘Art of the Trench’, collects together slick street style images of people wearing the classic Burberry trench coat around the world. 


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