Wholesale Roses in Bulk for Weddings and Parties

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If you want to create a décor for your wedding or any other event, which every guest will call unforgettable, it is a great idea to buy roses in bulk. It is not surprising that roses are considered the queen of flowers as they are universal. Wholesale roses of different shapes, colors, and textures can be used in any way to décor your party, from neat bridal bouquets and boutonnieres for the bridesmaids to volumetric constructions in any form you need.


Where to Buy Roses in Bulk Wholesale

If you are looking for a wide variety of bulk roses, FiftyFlowers is exactly what you need. You will find roses of various types (Standard, Sweetheart, Peony, Garden, Petals, etc.) and colors (Ivory, Light Pink, Wine Red, Peach, Pale Yellow, Purple, Silver, Lavender, etc.).

FiftyFlowers is famous for the careful storage and delivery of all bulk flowers. In addition, the company delivers roses to your event address directly from the farm. So, it is difficult to imagine an opportunity to get fresher roses for your party.


How to Choose Bulk Roses

Of course, such a wide choice of bulk roses can confuse you. So, to choose the right wholesale flowers, it is useful to consider the following criteria:

– Persistence of flowers. If you plan a few-day party or an event that will take place under the open sun in the heat, make sure you choose the most persistent rose type.

– Rose color, shape, and texture. Consider the event style and color spectrum when choosing bulk roses.

– Flower meaning. Read more about the language of flowers to give a thematic meaning to the decoration.

It is also necessary to determine the budget you are ready to spend on floral decoration in advance. You can combine different rose varieties (expensive and cheap) to meet the planned budget.


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